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How can I Become a Safer Driver?

Posted on: April 12, 2021

Practically everyone has heard that accidents just happen. However, some so-called car accidents are not really accidental. Why? They were caused by drivers who made poor or unsafe decisions.

According to statistics from 2016 released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), more than seven million car accidents occurred that year alone. Nearly one-third of them resulted in personal injury. Although some accidents may have been accidental, others surely could have been prevented.

Therefore, how can drivers reduce their risk of getting into serious, avoidable car accidents? They can start by taking a few precautionary measures.

Obviously, every driver wants to be safe on the road. For those involved in an accident, an experienced car accident lawyer can be a valuable ally.

Review the Rules of the Road

Many drivers have had their licenses for 10, 20, or even 50 years. They might drive their cars every day. Yet this does not mean that they remember every rule of the road, or that they follow the rules they once learned.

Every driver should refer to basic driving manuals and laws, all of which are available online. Getting a refresher in what different street signs mean, as well as how to react during various common situations, can mean the difference between experiencing or escaping a car accident.

Stop Texting and Eating When Driving

Sometimes, even seasoned drivers fall into the habit of allowing themselves minor distractions when they are driving. They eat their breakfast on the way to work. They send a quick follow-up text while stopped at lights. They may even rummage through a purse or bookbag when traffic seems light.

Any type of distraction can divert a driver’s attention, which can be a problem when seconds count. Even changing a radio station or glancing at a GPS map leaves a driver unable to give 100 percent attention to the road. Therefore, drivers should make a commitment to stop driving while distracted if they want to stay out of preventable accidents.

Take Time to Readjust the Mirrors

Plenty of drivers never touch their rearview, side, or other mirrors after adjusting them once. This is a common mistake. Instead, drivers should get into the routine of checking all mirrors frequently because mirrors can be deliberately moved or suddenly jostled out of place.

All mirrors located inside and outside of a car serve important purposes, such as giving a driver access to blind spots. If the mirrors are not properly positioned, they do little good, especially when it comes to avoiding car accidents.

Drive Only When Sober

Not only is drunk driving illegal, but also it can lead a driver to an increased chance of getting into a car accident. Regrettably, lots of drivers still drive after having a few drinks. Even those who feel buzzed may assume they are competent enough to get home after being at a bar, restaurant, or party. Science says they are wrong.

A better choice is for drivers to drive only when they are 100 percent sober. Otherwise, they should use a taxi or ride-share service, let a sober friend drive home, or stay the night if possible. This keeps intoxicated drivers off the road and away from becoming a fatality statistic.

Know What to Do in the Event of a Car Accident

Drivers who get into car accidents can still make decisions that could lead to fewer injuries. For instance, a driver who is about to hit another vehicle might try evasive maneuvers to mitigate the damage. On the other hand, a driver who has been in a fender-bender could move the car from the middle to the side of the road to lower the likelihood of getting hit by another car.

Staying alert even after a car accident really does matter. Drivers need to realize that they have more power than they think. If they end up getting hurt because another driver was not as diligent, they may want to talk to a car accident lawyer to improve their chances of receiving fair compensation for their damages.

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