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What are Tips for Safe Driving During Daylight Saving Time?

Posted on: March 11, 2021

Every spring, the time changes for daylight saving time (DST). The time is set back in the early morning while the average person is asleep. This can cause fatigue in the morning time, which may result in drowsy driving. However, there are a few ways drivers can stay safe when adjusting to the time change. Below are a few safety driving practices for the week following DST.

Recognize the Risks of DST

The first step in minimizing the risks involves understanding the dangers of drowsy driving. Driving without enough sleep can cause reduced alertness and slowed reaction time. In fact, the effects of drowsy driving have a lot in common with drunk driving impairments.

Sleep Schedule

Drivers who realize the dangers of drowsy driving should ensure that they have adequate sleep each night, which is especially difficult when the clocks change. It can be beneficial to start the adjustment a few days ahead of the time switch by getting to bed about 15 minutes earlier than normal. Starting Wednesday night will provide plenty of time for the body to adjust gradually.

Prepare for the Morning Commute

In preparation for driving in the first few days or weeks after DST takes effect, it can help to bring along sunglasses that may be needed to reduce sun glare; the position of the sun in the sky may affect the visibility on the roads. It is good to become familiar with the route and to anticipate any areas where the commute may become more dangerous due to sun glare. It is important to note that sun glare can affect opposing traffic as well.

Beware of Other Drivers

If it is possible, try to work from home or avoid early driving to eliminate the risks associated with DST. Being extra vigilant around DST can be extremely helpful as well. Those that do have to be on the roads should be aware of the possible effects the clock change may have on themselves as well as other motorists.

If a driver is hit by a drowsy motorist, they should explore their legal options with the help from a lawyer. If the victim has a serious injury, they might be able to pursue a personal injury claim.

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