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Can Pregnancy Affect a Car Accident Case?

Posted on: June 1, 2021

There perhaps is no more joyful time for a family than a mother expecting.  It requires a ton of careful attention and planning to prepare for the baby’s arrival.  But these plans can easily be derailed should the mother get into a car accident, which could endanger the baby’s health and future. 

Studies have shown that car accidents are the main cause of fatalities among pregnant women, as well as women between the ages of 15 and 44 years old.  Studies also have shown that about three percent of babies are exposed in-utero in a car accident.  The average woman may not have any issues following a car accident.  But for pregnant women and their unborn children, even a minor accident or personal injury can result in serious health issues or pregnancy complications.  Experts and doctors highly recommend that a pregnant woman seek medical attention immediately following a car accident, regardless of severity. 

What Injuries can a Car Accident Cause in Pregnant Women?

A car accident can cause a greater health risk to a pregnant woman compared with a non-pregnant woman.  A pregnant woman’s health is fragile and is likely to suffer soft tissue injuries, neck or back injuries, or other injuries that a non-pregnant woman would have in an accident.  Carrying an unborn baby causes major changes to the human body; a car accident will only amplify an injury that could then harm the baby.  Here are a few injuries that a woman can suffer in a car accident that can have adverse effects on their pregnancy:

  • Placental abruption. This tragic injury can occur should any form of impact traumatize the woman’s body and the fetus separates from the uterus.  This can cause major issues for the mother and can be fatal for the baby.  The mother can suffer internal hemorrhaging, premature delivery, or a miscarriage.  Common symptoms of placental abruption include excessive urination, fever, vaginal bleeding, vomiting, and abdominal pain.   
  • Maternal shock. Should the human body suffer any trauma, it naturally will react in protecting itself.  For a pregnant woman, this means the body may attempt to reject the fetus and protect the mother, causing maternal shock and resulting in a likely death of the fetus. 
  • Uterine rupture. This occurs should the woman’s body is impacted and the uterus ruptures, causing a tear.  This is a rare occurrence but will more than likely result in the death of the fetus if it does happen. 
  • Maternal death. This can happen from various injuries, ranging from minor to severe, if not treated immediately.  Unfortunately, should the mother die, the fetus likely will die as well. 

Driving Tips for Pregnant Women

Although it may be cumbersome, a pregnant woman who is driving should always wear her seat belt properly.  Not wearing a seat belt or wearing one incorrectly can cause irreversible harm to the mother and unborn baby.  The lap portion of the seat belt should be under the belly and over the hips.  The shoulder portion should be across the chest and to the side. 

Pregnant women should also be mindful of their energy before getting behind the wheel, as fatigue can happen rapidly, causing drowsiness. 

Should an accident occur, it is important for the mother to seek medical attention right away, regardless of the severity of the accident.  The mother should call 911 immediately following the accident and notify the dispatcher of her pregnancy.  She must also inform any first responders at the scene of her pregnancy. 

Brooklyn Car Accident Lawyers at Eaton & Torrenzano Help Pregnant Women Injured by Negligent Drivers

Being in a car accident while pregnant can only compound stress for the family and can adversely affect the pregnancy.  It is especially important that a pregnant car accident victim seek medical help immediately, and to contact the best legal guidance available.  The future of the mother, the family, and the baby may depend on it.  If you or a loved one is pregnant and has been in an accident, call the Brooklyn car accident lawyers at Eaton & Torrenzano right away.  Our skilled and knowledgeable lawyers will scour over every detail of the case and get the compensation you and your family deserve.  Call us today at 718-332-7766 or contact us online for a free consultation. With offices in Brooklyn and Staten Island, New York, and Hillsborough, New Jersey, we serve clients in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, the Bronx, and Manhattan, Kings County, and Richmond County.

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