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Why are Pin-in Car Accidents So Dangerous?

Posted on: May 5, 2021

Car accidents happen daily and range from a minor fender-bender to a major deadly crash. The serious car accidents can be extremely traumatic for all involved, leaving a lasting imprint on victims including severe personal injury. One of the most traumatic types of a car crash is a pin-in car accident.

What is a Pin-in Car Accident?

A pin-in car accident is one in which the driver and/or passengers are trapped in the car after the crash. This results from causes such as severe structural damage to the car that prevents doors from opening and/or bent or broken pieces of the car’s frame that actually hold the person in the vehicle unable to free themselves. These kinds of accidents can be especially traumatic for victims and carry their own set of dangers.

What are Causes of Pin-in Car Accidents?

This type of accident often results from a vehicle being struck and losing control in which it ends up rolling over or impacting another object. In these situations, occupants of the vehicle may get their legs, arms, or other body parts pinned between metal parts of the car where they cannot get out. This requires emergency crews with the jaws of life to get the person out of the vehicle. The whole process is very traumatic for the victims and very dangerous because it can cause significant injury while also extending the time it takes to get medical attention.

Dangers of Pin-in Car Accidents

This type of accident can turn deadly very quickly. A crash that is so severe to pin a person in the vehicle is likely to cause serious injury in itself. The metal that traps the driver or passenger inside the vehicle can also cause a great deal of damage. This damage can range from cuts and scrapes to broken bones and crushing injuries. Beyond just the physical injury component, victims of these crashes often suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, long-term mental suffering, and other psychological issues relating to the trauma of the crash.

How a Lawyer can Help

After being involved in a serious car accident, a victim can suffer physically, emotionally, and financially. Injuries can be life-long. Physical and mental scars can last for years. Victims may rack up huge medical bills and might experience loss of income because of temporary or permanent disability. A lawyer is the best way for a victim to get compensation for all of these damages.

Brooklyn Car Accident Lawyers at Eaton & Torrenzano Help Drivers Who Suffer Damages in Pin-in Car Accidents

The aftermath of any car accident can be very difficult to handle. From medical bills to lost wages and property losses, there are a host of financial problems that arise after a crash. These problems do not even include trauma, pain, and suffering. All of these are likely to be more severe in a pin-in car accident. The knowledgeable and understanding Brooklyn car accident lawyers at Eaton & Torrenzano know how to get you the compensation you need. We are dedicated to helping our clients to get everything they need to move on after a traumatic car accident. Call us today at 718-332-7766 or contact us online for a free consultation. With offices in Brooklyn and Staten Island, New York, and Hillsborough, New Jersey, we serve clients in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, the Bronx, and Manhattan, Kings County, and Richmond County.

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