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Liability in a Multi -Vehicle Car Accident

Posted on: January 27, 2020

Multi-vehicle car accidents are uncommon, but they are significant and complex accidents. It can be hard to determine who is at-fault for the accident when there are additional passengers, injuries, and damages. This makes personal injury lawsuits and car insurance claims more complicated.

Chain Reaction Accidents

Multi-car accidents involve three or more vehicles and are commonly called chain reaction accidents. These crashes occur when a vehicle rear-ends the car in front of it, then the hit car is forced into the next car and so forth; it can turn into a series of rear-end collisions.

Other chain reaction accidents include collisions that force vehicles into oncoming traffic, and accidents that involve a driver losing control and hitting several vehicles. These accidents can also occur when drivers quickly change lanes or run red lights at busy intersections.

Primary impact happens when an at-fault driver crashes into the back of another vehicle, leading to a chain reaction. The risk for injuries increases when multiple vehicles are involved.

The Question of Liability

Like other kinds of auto accidents, liability can be based on negligence. Generally, the blame is put on the driver that caused the chain reaction. It is also possible that more than one driver contributed to the accident. In this instance, liability is split between the parties. For example, if the car that was rear-ended was speeding or tailgating, they would not have had time to stop after being hit. Drivers who do not maintain a safe following distance are usually deemed as negligent. Other reasons for driver negligence includes distracted driving or failure to use signals.

Establishing Fault

Chain reaction accidents can happen quickly; it is important to remain calm after the accident occurs. After law enforcement and medical personnel are contacted, accident victims may be able to gather useful evidence. Once the police arrive, police reports should be requested. Police reports take time to prepare and may have to be picked up at the station afterwards. It is important to take pictures of the accident and of the damaged vehicles, this will help when you are filing a claim. If there are witnesses, it is a good idea to interview them at the scene and get their contact information.

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