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Why is Driving in the Winter Especially Dangerous?

Posted on: December 28, 2020

Winter is officially here, and drivers should recognize that winter comes with seasonal road conditions that may cause accidents. While traveling to see family and friends for the holidays, drivers must adjust their driving behavior to account for seasonal threats on the road. While it is true that driving can be treacherous throughout the year, there are several dangerous circumstances that drivers are likely to encounter in the winter. The following road conditions and driving situations account for distinctive hazards that are associated with this season.

Winter Weather

Winter weather can be extremely dangerous for drivers. Rain can turn to freezing rain and snow can accumulate quickly. Drivers should also be on the lookout for black ice, which can be hard to see as it appears as just a wet road, especially at night. When caught in a snowstorm, drivers should slow down and turn on their hazard lights, so that other drivers can locate them on the road. If a car breaks down, pull over and wait for emergency services to arrive. It is advised to keep an emergency kit in the car filled with jumper cables, a blanket, flashlight, bottled water, and non-respirable food items.


The cooler temperatures at night as opposed to the day can cause foggy conditions, especially early in the morning when lots of commuters are on the roads. Drivers should engage their low beams for better visibility on foggy days.

Sun Glare

Since the sun is lower in the sky, its rays can shine right into a driver’s eyes. This glare can dangerously affect visibility. Polarized sunglasses or tinted windows may reduce glare. Salt and slush from the road can also deter a driver’s vision when accumulated on the windshield. Keeping windshields streak-free will help.

Shorter Days

At the end of the day, darkness falls earlier as the winter stretches on. A driver who is used to a much brighter commute may find themselves making their evening commute fully in the dark. Drivers on the roads at dusk should avoid visibility issues by remembering to turn on their headlights when the sun starts to fade.


Between busy school zones, student drop off areas, school bus stops, and crossing guard stations, there are plenty of spots to show extra caution when driving. Drivers should keep themselves and others safe by observing all school zone traffic warnings, especially since the instructions on these traffic signs may be affected by the days and hours when students are in class.

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