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Driving and Biking Safety Tips

Posted on: March 3, 2020

Spring has officially arrived, bringing nicer weather and more time spent outside. During this time of year, it is important to remember to be safe while on the road to reduce your chances of a car accident. Whether you are driving a car or riding any kind of bike, safety should always be your main priority. Here are some safety tips for driving and biking in New York this spring.

Driving Tips

Be mindful of potholes: After the cold winter months, roads tend to need repairs and potholes become more frequent. While driving, be aware of the conditions of the road and keep a slow pace while driving on a road with dangerous conditions. If you are driving after rain, potholes can fill up and become invisible. Always be cautious of potholes to protect yourself and your vehicle.

Be careful of bikers and pedestrians: During the spring, more people are outside and bikers become more frequent. To prevent a bicycle accident, drive slowly while in your neighborhood and pay attention at crosswalks. Also, when making a right-hand turn at a stoplight, ensure that there is no one waiting to walk across the street.

Inspect your tires: Rain in the spring is common and can be dangerous while driving. Make certain that your tires are well-maintained to protect your car from skidding. Tire tread is important while driving and needs to be looked after for traction purposes.

Biking Tips

Electric bikes have become very popular in New York. Electric bikes have small motors that provide a boost called a pedal assist. This boost helps with traveling long distances, making it easier to bike over New York bridges and arrive to work without being exhausted. Whether you are riding an electric bike or regular bicycle, here are a few tips to keep you safe:

Obey traffic signs and signals: Like vehicles, bikes must follow the rules of the road.

Look behind you frequently: Without swerving or falling, look behind you for traffic or cars attempting to pass.

Do not use a cellphone or wear headphones: While riding a bike, do not distract yourself with electronic devices or music in your ears. This can be extremely dangerous, and it takes your focus off the road.

Use hand signals: Most bikes do not have blinkers, so use hand signals when turning to keep you and other vehicles safe.

It is important to always maintain a high level of safety while driving and biking to protect yourself and others from injury or death.

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