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What are the Dangers of Driving While Tired?

Posted on: May 24, 2021

Drowsy driving can easily turn deadly. In fact, according to The National Safety Council, as many as 10,000 car accidents are caused every year by drivers who are tired behind the wheel. Driving tired can result in multiple different types of accidents and result in personal injury and death in some cases. Drowsy driving can cause multiple types of accidents, including the following.

Single Car Accidents

A single car accident, as the name suggests, is a crash that does not involve impact with another vehicle. This type of accident can be very common with tired drivers. If a driver is so drowsy that they actually doze off while driving, they, of course, will not react to hazards or drive defensively. If the driver falls asleep, a simple curve in the road could mean their car goes off the road while the driver is not controlling the vehicle. However, it is not just drivers who actually fall asleep who create dangerous situations. Simply being tired and drowsy slows reaction time and makes it more likely that the driver will miss important things such as traffic signs and approaching hazards.

Vehicle Rollover Accidents

Vehicle rollover accidents are extremely dangerous. When a car rolls and flips, the driver and any passengers are thrown around the vehicle so much that they can sustain a wide variety of injuries. These injuries include possible serious injury to the upper body, arms, neck, and other areas. In addition to injuries from being violently shaken and thrown, this type of accident will typically involve broken glass and other flying objects within the vehicle, causing cuts, scrapes, bruises, or broken bones.

Collisions with Other Vehicles

Multiple-car collisions can be deadly for everyone involved. These accidents can easily occur when a driver loses focus because of drowsy driving. This can happen when the driver drifts across lanes or fails to react properly to other drivers or road hazards. Common types of two or more car collisions include the following:

  • Head-on collisions. Often the most deadly, these involve cars driving opposite directions and hitting each other at high rates of speed. When a motorist is driving drowsy, there is an increased chance of crossing a center line and having this kind of accident.
  • Rear-end collisions. A tired driver may not react in time when a vehicle in front of them comes to a stop. This causes the driver to crash into the back of the other vehicle, causing potentially significant damage.
  • Side-impact collisions. When drivers are tired, they may not see other vehicles when crossing an intersection. This can lead to a side-impact collision, which can be deadly for all involved.

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