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Can I Receive Compensation for a Minor Car Accident?

Posted on: April 1, 2021

Minor car accidents can still cause significant injuries that require medical care and costly property damage. A victim might think that their minor car accident does not warrant the need for filing a personal injury claim, but they still have the right to seek compensation. One important reason to do so is because a seemingly minor injury could be indicative of a more significant injury that will present itself later.

What are Minor Injuries?

Minor injuries are typically soft tissue injuries and include muscle or tendon strains, ligament sprains, whiplash, and significant bruises. If improperly diagnosed or not treated, they could worsen in time. Even if there are no apparent symptoms, it is always best to get prompt medical attention. Not doing so could impact the outcoming of a car accident lawsuit.

The severity of the injuries will affect how the settlement turns out. The court will look at the medical bills, which constitute most of the economic damages awarded in minor car crash settlements. The bills will reflect how the patient was transported to the medical facility, procedures, surgeries, and the length of the hospital stay. If it turns out that the minor accident did cause significant injuries, the patient may also have to miss work. This could potentially lead to a reimbursement for lost earnings as well.

Will Property Damage be Covered?

Insurance companies handle compensation for property damage in minor car accidents. They will want to know how much the repairs cost, and they will need to see pictures of the damages before their adjusters make their determinations.

Some victims make claims for pain and suffering in minor car accident cases, but there needs to be a significant physical injury with emotional damages related to it. Symptoms of pain and suffering could include anxiety, depression, an inability to interact with others, and a reduced quality of life.

How are These Cases Decided?

The amount of compensation will depend upon the extent of injuries and if it is settled outside of court or inside a court a law. Although trials offer higher damages, they take longer and can be more expensive. A settlement is often a better option for a minor accident case. Another important factor is where the accident took place. New York and New Jersey are both no-fault liability states. In no-fault states, car accident victims cannot make personal injury claims that include pain and suffering compensation unless the medical costs meet a certain threshold.

The Insurance Information Institute claims that the average auto accident payout is just over $18,000, and this includes the insurance provider’s claim expenses. The amount of damages paid can vary widely, ranging from a few thousand dollars into the millions. It can be difficult to know if a minor car accident settlement is worth pursuing, though. The most important factors would be the severity of the injuries and whether or not the insurance company is being cooperative.

Some soft tissue injuries can require long-term medical care and lead to lost wages and should not be taken lightly. If the medical bills are piling up and the adjuster does not seem reasonable, an experienced car accident lawyer may be able to negotiate a fair settlement.

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