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What Should I Do After a Car Accident?

Posted on: January 13, 2021

A car accident can leave a person bewildered and wondering what to do next. The scene following an accident on a New York road can be hectic and stressful. It is important to try to remain calm, keep aware of one’s surroundings, and seek help immediately. The following lists steps to take after a serious car accident.

Seek Immediate Help

Calling 9-1-1 will have an ambulance and the police on the scene immediately. It is a good idea to assess all injuries first and then notify the authorities. One should receive medical attention, even if the accident was minor. A driver should also file a police report to give their side of the accident.

Do Not Leave the Accident Scene

It is state law to remain at the scene of an accident. It is also recommended not to move the vehicle unless it is causing an unsafe situation. If a driver can, they should take photographs of the damage sustained and the location of the accident.

Obtain Proper Information

It is extremely important to maintain the information of everyone involved in the accident. Get the other driver’s license, insurance and registration information, and a way to contact them. Get information from witnesses if it is possible, and the badge and precinct information of the police office on the scene. One needs to have as much information as possible when making insurance claims or if one has to go to court.

Avoid Arguments

Try to remain calm. Adrenaline might increase during and after an accident. One should not make any statements or get involved in any arguments with the other driver. Anything that is said at the scene could possibly be used against the driver.

Notify the Insurance Company

Contact the insurance company right away, and file a claim immediately. If a victim takes too much time, the insurance company may deny their claim or reject any coverage. 

Pay Attention to Symptoms

Adrenaline can mask injuries. Symptoms of a concussion or other injuries can happen days or weeks following an accident. Make an appointment with one’s primary care physician or go to the emergency room. A victim needs to be honest and upfront about the pain, even if they feel it is not severe.

Collect Evidence

Be sure to take proper notes following a car accident. Get information from the driver, witnesses, and from the police officer. It is possible to forget certain details that may help in a court case, so keeping track of one’s memories will help. It is also highly recommended to contact a lawyer as well.

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